Welcome to No Better Forum!

I'm a parent, writer, civil rights advocate, blah blah blah. I enjoy open, mature discussion about topics that are somewhat controversial. I married a gun-toting conservative so, although I'm passionately liberal on many topics, there are a few I concede.

My qualifications are as follows (in order of importance):
  • One time I got a tweet from Ricky Gervais;
  • I built two humans entirely from scratch;
  • I worked as an uncredited Production Assistant on season four of The Girls Next Door. They liked me but they didn't credit me because they are from Los Angeles and are legally required to be assholes;
I'm the one you haven't seen naked. Or, wait...
what was your name again?
  • Um. I used to be a banker.
That's all I've got.

~Whew!~ Are you as exhausted as I am? For obvious reasons I'm an expert on everything I write about.