May 5, 2012

Windows 8 Preview: A Scientific Analysis

I downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview onto my Netbook. I couldn't wait, it sounded so awesome. 

And it's okay, I guess.

Here's what I expected: All my documents, games, etc. would be smartly imported into a slick, new, super-intuitive interface. Screen shots like the one below gave me a mistaken impression.

Kewl! My PC will be like an iPad!

Here's what I didn't realize: there's still a regular old desktop. The Metro interface (above) sort of replaces the Start Menu. It feels like my PC has a split personality. Actually it feels like they got halfway through some great ideas and said Fuck It! Good enough. We'll finish up in Windows 9.

My Windows 8 desktop:

It's so innovative, so slick, so... exactly the same.

They're not done with Windows 8 yet. They disclaim when you download the preview that the actual release may be significantly different. I hope so, because my Control Panel doesn't look anything like this:

Promotional image of Control Panel.

My Control Panel looks, just, regular.

There is plenty of noteworthy new functionality available with Windows 8, but I'm just writing about my initial impression.

Windows had a long way to go to catch up with everyone else. In that sense, I guess, I'm impressed. But they just copied everything everyone else has been doing for years ("Ooh! We need an app store!").

With the recent death of Steve Jobs leaving Apple's future slightly uncertain, Microsoft had a big chance here to take back some market share. Instead they built a great big yawn.

I'll just keep switching back and forth between my PC and my iPad because they both have things they do well.       -Kim